SharePoint Online external users


SharePoint Online is available via Office 365. Normally every user in your business that needs access to Office 365 requires a license. However, what you may not be aware of is that ‘external’ users do not require a license to access SharePoint Online.

So what actually is an ‘external’ user? These are typically users who only need to contribute to the information in SharePoint (i.e. read, add and update). They do not need the rights to make structural changes to the SharePoint site or create new elements like subsites.

The best example of an ‘external’ user is perhaps a business partner or customer. You could create a portal in SharePoint Online to allow the sharing of information with these parties who are ‘external’ to your business. This portal design is known as an ‘extranet’ because it extends beyond the employees in your business.

Any ‘external’ user is still required to login to the SharePoint site and they do so by creating a free Microsoft account. This means you can still retain control over their security and what they access. Once they have done this and have accessed the site they are just like any other SharePoint user who has access to the site.

An ‘external’ user also doesn’t get access to the additional features of SharePoint like their own OneDrive for Business site but most simply need to collaborate with internal users and for this a SharePoint Extranet is a perfect solution.

if you want to find out more details of exactly what ‘external’ users can and can’t do then you should look at this link:

What is an external user?

An extranet is a perfect way to work with external parties when it comes to running a project but it can be used for even a simple task like sharing large files rather than sending attachments. However, whatever your Office 365 and SharePoint needs contact is at Correct for assistance