Security is now more important than ever

The proliferation of technology has only just started. We are approaching the dawn of the age of the Internet of Things (IOT). This means soon pretty much everything you see will have a full time connection to the Internet. That means that the vast majority of devices connected to the Internet will be things without screens and keyboards.

Managing and securing all these devices is going to be a major challenge. We all know that software is imperfect, being written by human beings, and therefore needs to be regularly updated. But how will that happen in the age of IOT? Whose responsibility will it be? Are we expecting vendors to update their equipment immediately and automatically?

Many browsers now take such an approach, given it is a major vector for many security attacks. However, many businesses, especially larger enterprises, don’t like immediate upgrades and prefer to control the roll out of updates and patches themselves. But is that approach still feasible going forward?

This means that more than ever, you have to be thinking about the security of all your connected devices, not just desktops and servers, but phones and potentially fridges and toasters. Now is the best time to start being serious about IT security for your business. Most technology has the ability to be made secure but remains insecure by default.?

Good security starts with strong and unique passwords. Yes, this is a pain but compare that pain to what may potentially happen if the system is compromised? What are the economic effects of losing something with all your banking information on it? For a business it can be catastrophic. Or, just ask anyone who has been a victim of identity theft.

In our increasingly interconnected world, security is what is going to prevent surrendering to the criminals. That’s why it is so important that good digital security be taken seriously and start with each individual. If we all take steps to secure our own devices and information we make it a better world for everyone as we are all in this together now!

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