This post is courtesy of Correct Field Technician Derek Tse

Following on my article on multifactor authentication. Passwords are still needed as a way to authenticate your access and as the first line of defence. It is important that your password is difficult to be guessed.

Here is an example from XKCD about password strength…

As you can see, a single word password is not ideal but a phase is better.

If you still feel that a single word with numbers and symbols is still the way to go, please check these websites…

Remember don’t use a working password to test, this is for your own security!!

Surprising isn’t it, the possibility of your password been hacked in matter of mins, hours or days.

The moral of the story…

Pass phrases are a better alternative to increase security for your accounts.

Next time I’ll will show you how to remember all your accounts with a software called LastPass.