What Should You Do On World Backup Day 31 March?

How much of your business data has been created and stored electronically? Do you have your databases, spreadsheets, financial reports and all documents stored electronically?

Imagine if that all disappeared in a matter of seconds?

You may be procrastinating, but no one is immune to data loss whether it’s a hardware failure, a natural disaster, a break–in or virus attack, you could lose your data and without a backup plan, you’ll be in a lot of trouble.

On World Backup Day (on the 31st March 2016) we ask you to take the pledge to back up your files.  http://www.worldbackupday.com/en/about

The team at Correct Solutions is fully supportive of this worldwide initiative. So join us and make a commitment to take backing up data more seriously. Make a pledge that you will back up your data on World Backup Day.


What’s Right For You?

With data, we can agree that it’s definitely important to backup, but the right way of backing up will differ depending on the user.

Most businesses will require a fail-safe system where everything is backed up and they can continue with business as normal if a data-loss situation occurs. After all, they’ve invested time and energy into their business so why on earth would they want to lose their data?

However, some personal users may only need a basic level of backup. It all depends on you and your specific needs.


Backing Up For Business Users


Jenna runs her own business and has 15 other staff members.  Jenna’s business requires the most recent data to be backed up because all the business documents are continuously being updated. That’s why they backup on an hourly basis.


A Combination Approach to Backup


External Hard Drive

Jenna’s business uses an external hard drive which saves up to 4 TB of memory

A copy of the data is then taken offsite on a periodic basis (every evening) as a precaution. The backups occur automatically every hour. While this is an excellent first layer of security, they’ve recently realised that there is some risk involved in their data being in a hard drive that is reliant on themselves to backup.


Cloud Solutions For Backup

With all the talk of cloud storage recently, Jenna’s business has decided to implement an additional layer of security by implementing a cloud data backup solution and now the offsite backups are not dependant on a person taking the data offsite. The data is encrypted to prevent any third parties from accessing it.  Storing information off-site eliminates the risk of office disaster or theft and provides the added feature of allowing company users to access their data from any computer.


Backups for Personal Users:


Tom is a Project Manager who works for a project management business. While he’s at work, the business data backup solution backs up all his work data, however he’s got a family at home who all require a data backup solution too. His wife has saved lots of photos and videos of their kids on both their laptops.

He chooses to save his data onto an external drive. However, this physical drive is just the first type of backup. He understands that the physical copy could be misplaced, so he also backs up on a cloud solution – Backblaze. He pays a small monthly subscription to ensure that all his data is backed up in the cloud.

What’s Right For You?

Ultimately, the method of data backup you need will depend on your volume of data, the importance of your data and how quickly you need the data to be retrieved. Before you decide on a budget, sit down with your management team and decide what your priorities are.

Whether you’re the head of a large corporation or a small team, if you’re not making data management a priority, you’re preparing your business for disaster.

So join us and celebrate World Backup Day by committing to backing up your files on the 31st March.

If you want to find out more about backing up in the home or office, talk to our backup specialists at Correct Solutions.