One of major benefits that technology can bring is the ability to work remotely. As the demand on people’s times become greater and actually travelling between locations becoming more congested it makes more and more sense to utilize technology to provide maximum telecommuting benefits.

You should also look at extending these benefits beyond just your immediate staff and as a way to provide convenience and a point of differentiation for your customers. One of the most effective ways of doing this is by offering webinars.

A webinar is simply a meeting or presentation that is broadcast online where attendees can participate in the meeting by simply using their desktop or mobile device. A webinar allows presenters to share their desktops and slide decks as well as run things such as surveys and queue up questions and answers.

Another important component of webinars is the ability to record sessions for later use. This allows businesses to record their latest sales presentation and then post it to YouTube later so they can refer others to it. Video is a very powerful marketing tool that can provide real differentiation for a business.

Most Office 365 users already have the ability to conduct webinars through Lync Online. What many don’t realize is that Lync Online allows you to invite people outside your organization to attend. All you need to do is schedule a meeting and send an invite. The invite contains a link that when opened in a browser, connects that the user to the meeting as a full attendee including audio and video.

The other big player in the webinar space is GotoWebinar. For a monthly cost you can again invite people from email or directly from a web page. Much like Lync it provides the ability to share local resources like the deskop. if you are looking to host very large webinars and need to manage a lot of attendees the GotoWebinar is worth a look but if you already have Lync check first to see whether it can do the job you need.

Using all the features of webinar tools like Lync and GotoWebinar can lowers your costs and greatly improve the speed at which you can respond to customer needs. If you are looking for a better way to connect with employees and customers then online webinars may be the way to go.