Microsoft has announced that it is releasing a stand alone version of OneDrive for Business. This will provide a starting 25GB of space per user which can easily be added to. OneDrive for Business is aimed at providing a better solution for information collaboration and storage inside a business than something like DropBox.

Why is OneDrive for Business better than DropBox? The major reason is that it is a business focused product that provides features like auditing and reporting, advanced administration for granular control, multifactor authentication and built in standards compliance. This is because it is built onto of SharePoint and importantly allows the upgrade to the full Office 365 suite of products.

OneDrive for Business will allow you to synchronize your files from the desktop to the cloud quickly and easily. Those same documents will then be available across all your devices. You can also easily share the information with others without the need to forward attachments giving you much greater control over your information.

OneDrive for Business is a great initial step to using cloud technologies as it allows you to work that way you typically do now but with the added benefits provided by the cloud. It allows you to see what the cloud is all about and then upgrade to the full range of Office 365 products quickly and easily.

OneDrive for Business is compliant with world class industry security and privacy standards that are verified by third party auditors. Documents in OneDrive for Business are available for discovery and preservation. Administrators can generate audit reports for common events in OneDrive for Business or build custom reports to suit their needs. Security features are also centralized and allow granular control of capabilities like external sharing, offline sync and access control.

if you are looking for a better solution than DropBox that allows you users to get their work done while still maintaining the control your business requires overs its information then we recommend you look at OneDrive for Business today.