Sydney IT CompaniesFor those of you who haven’t heard Correct Solutions enjoyed the privilege of turning 20 on the 14th of February 2017. While for me Correct has only been something I have been a part of for the past 4 years this merely scratches the surface of experience that some of our staff have.

I asked a handful of our longest serving members to give me an insight into what Correct means to them, how it has impacted their lives and their perspective on Correct then and now.

As a team, Correct has grown from 2 people to over 30.  We’ve gone from running the business from a home office, moved a handful of times and now have multiple locations across multiple states.  Everyone I spoke to agreed that along the way, there’s been a lot of change, but that is the expectation within this industry!

One of our Senior Field Technicians, Derek Tse (10 years), believes that Correct Solutions strength lies in that each staff brings their own unique experience and shares that with the team to ensure that we all grow together.

I also spoke with Lin Xiang (8 years) and aside from Correct Solutions being the longest job he had ever had he attributes his longevity and loyalty to Correct to Respect, Opportunity and Personal Development, all of which he feels have been provided to him. Lin believes that it is our Values and how we do our best to live by these that keep us growing. To Lin, Correct is more than just a job, it is something he takes ownership of his part in and nurtures as if it was his own.

Personally, while Corrects foundations were sound, I attribute a lot of the recent success of Correct to our Managing Director, Ryan. Ryan joined the business 12 years ago and since that time Correct has consistently grown to the business it is today. For those who have had time to spend with Ryan you realise very quickly that aside from having an incredible business and financial acumen, Ryan has a genuine interest in the growth of all those around, be they customer, employee or community.

It is for this reason that I personally am proud of the company I work for and will continue to do so for as long as they will have me and for as long as I can truly make a difference and keep us moving forward! I don’t know what the next 20 years will bring but I for one look forward to being part of that journey.