Recording your issues

One of the hardest thing to do when it comes to IT support sometimes is to actually see what is happening on your screen if you are having problems. We can of course remote into your system generally and see, but initially it would really help if we could see where the problems are so we are better armed when we speak with you.

With this in mind here are two tips that you can use to capture information from your system and provide it to us.

Screen capture

If you have a Windows 7 desktop or better press the Start button and type:


this will launch the screen snipping tool.

Simply press the New button and your screen will go white. Then click and drag around the part of the screen that is relevant.

That information will then be transferred to the Snipping Tool. From there you can copy and paste it into an email or save it as an image to your C: drive to be attached to an email sent to Correct.

The Windows Snipping Tool has a lot more functionality than the basics outlined above and it is recommended you take a moment to review:

to learn about all these features.

Problems Steps Recorder

You can provide even more information by using the Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder. To launch this tool simply press the Start button and type:


this will launch the tool.

Now simply press the Start Record button and repeat the steps that caused your issues.

When you have completed the process press the Stop Record button. You will then be prompted for a location to save the information you have just recorded. By default that will be the Windows Desktop and that is generally fine. This will now create a single ZIP file on your desktop with all the recorded information that you can attach to an email and send us.

For more information about using the Problem Steps Recorder visit:

At the end of day the more information that you can provide us the quicker we can resolve your issues. So we encourage you to familiarize yourself with these inbuilt Windows diagnostic tools and how they can help you capture information about issues you face.