There’s no doubt that cloud computing is one of the more popular buzzwords when it comes to anything related to IT. But what is the cloud, and what is all the hype about?

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There are certainly many benefits that the cloud can provide for businesses, including agility, mobility, and potential cost savings. However, how valuable the cloud will be truly depends on the nature of your business.

To really start thinking about the cloud and whether it could be valuable for your business, here are some questions that we suggest you ask yourself.

• How important is this system/application/data to the operation of our business?
• Do we have the skills to maintain these systems in-house, or should we use an outsourced IT provider?
• How much are we spending on our IT infrastructure at the moment, and how would that cost change if we began using cloud services?
• Would we rather use our budget to purchase equipment as a capital expense, or would we benefit from regular cash flow (operational) expenses?
• How much do we pay for maintenance and support now, and how would that change with cloud computing?
• How critical are the systems that will be moving to the cloud? Are there dependencies between our current business processes and the way cloud will impact these processes?
• Have we considered the regulatory aspect of the cloud?
• How important is the security of our data?

When you begin considering the cloud, the starting point to making any decision should be about considering your business requirements rather than listening to any hype. Talk to a trusted technology consultant about the cloud and whether it will be valuable to your unique needs. Some aspects of cloud solutions are genuinely innovative and beneficial, but that doesn’t mean they are suitable for every type of business.

Unfortunately, many cloud-first IT providers, push cloud solutions onto clients regardless of the business’s circumstance. However, Correct Solutions believes that each business needs to figure out what they aim to achieve with their technology, and then make a decision based on their circumstance. IT is not a one size fits all solution.

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