Public Cloud Offerings

If you have a Facebook account, use Gmail or Yahoo Mail, access services using a Windows Live ID such as Hotmail, backup files to services such as iCloud, or Dropbox, then you are already storing information using “Cloud” based services.

Here are some of the more commercially focused services that are proving to have benefits for companies who seek to take advantage of them…

Web Hosting

A reputable Web Hosting company will enable individuals or organisations to make their website accessible via the Internet.  Their server infrastructure is on extremely fast and redundant Internet connections in a data centre, to maximise the uptime of their services.  Uptimes, as well as the fact that having your website on infrastructure other than your own lowers the risk of having your servers hacked makes for two very compelling reasons to have someone else host your website.

Correct has been offering Web Hosting services for over a decade, in many ways this type of hosting was the “Cloud” before it became the buzz word it is today!

Microsoft Office365

Office365 encompasses a range of options from basic e-mail to a complete solution that includes full Office Professional Plus desktop software, along with Office Web Apps; the most advanced versions of Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Lync Online.

It enables subscribers to access their emails, documents and calendars from just about any device.  Touting business-class security and reliability it offers a simple, monthly subscription to an easy-to-use set of web-enabled tools for small businesses, independent consultants and professionals.  It can complement a hybrid IT environment for companies that may have some file server capability in the office, but wish to push Exchange & SharePoint into the Cloud.

SQL Azure

“SQL” stands for Structured Query Language – it is the language of databases.  Many Line of Business applications require a SQL engine to access or talk to the information inside a database and need a SQL Server to function.

SQL Azure is basically a cloud database service, built on SQL Server technologies. SQL Azure is an ideal database for transactional query-based business applications.