Project Online coming soon


One of the missing components of the Office 365 suite here in Australia has been the availability of Project Online. The news is that it will soon be available. This will make Microsoft’s enterprise project management software available to all on a per user per month basis.

Microsoft Project has always provided a comprehensive way to manage a variety of projects tasks. Making it available via the cloud simply increases its functionality and reach. It means that information on a project will be available anywhere there is an Internet connection allowing businesses far greater control and manageability of their projects.

Project Online will have the ability to be delivered totally via the cloud but also integrated to the familiar Microsoft Project desktop software. Both of which will be available as an add on to Office 365 providing a totally integrated environment.

The way that Project Online information is delivered is via SharePoint.allowing to be integrated with many of the team sites that people already use with SharePoint Online. Also since it is web based it makes it easy to share with external parties outside a business.

Utilizing the functionality of SharePoint brings with it the power of enterprise grade search, allowing you to find information faster. This is critical as projects become large and involve more people. Utilizing Office 365 and Project Online will bring the features of social networking from Yammer to project management, again making the overall management and control of projects easier.

It is expected that Project Online will become available in Australia in the upcoming weeks and we believe that if you have any need for systems to manage complex tasks then Project Online is worth a look.