As more and more data flows into an organization it becomes very important to have the right tools to work with that data. The challenge however is not so much analysing the data, but presenting it in a meaningful and flexible way.

This is where Power BI for Office 365 comes in. It is a collection of features and services that enable you to visualize data, share discoveries and collaborate in intuitive new ways.

It allows you to push information from Excel into SharePoint Online for presentation and manipulation. You use the latest version of Excel to create compelling content, data models, and visualizations and then use Power BI to share, collaborate and extend those insights. You can also use these tools to pull public information about population, demographics and more directly into Excel and apply your analysis and trending directly over the top. In most cases this means working with advanced tools in Excel such as Query and Pivot tables which are not difficult to use but they do require some training on how to get the best results from these advanced tools.

If you want to get a better idea of what Power BI for Office 365 is all about, take a look at:

There you’ll find plenty of learning material, videos and more all about this exciting technology that is now available to you.  Power BI opens up a world of possibilities and gives you the tools to analyse that once was only available to the largest businesses.