In today’s modern world, piracy doesn’t just mean kids downloading the latest episodes of Game of Thrones.

Piracy is also a big part of the business world, with more and more companies paying fines and legal fees for misusing illegal copies of software from big names like Microsoft, Adobe, and Autodesk.

Just last year, BSA The Software Alliance  (whose members also include industry giants like IBM, Oracle, Symantec, and Apple) settled three major cases of unlicensed software use in Australia, with damages totalling nearly $60,000:

  • Meldan, a home building business in Victoria, paid $35,000 for using unlicensed product keys for Adobe Acrobat, Autodesk AutoCAD, and Microsoft Office
  • Sosan, an architectural model maker in Brisbane, paid $18,000 for using the Autodesk Building Design Suite past their license’s entitlements
  • R King Enterprises, a wholesaler of automotive parts, was fined for using an illegal copy of Microsoft server software, for which they paid $5,000

These are just the latest instances. Over the past few years, Victoria has had a record number of settlements for businesses misusing their software or using illegal copies of it. And with an estimated 20 % of Australian computers running some type of pirated or otherwise illegal software, fines like this are going to continue to be levelled at offenders nationwide.

It’s not just end user businesses that are feeling the sting of BSA fines and legal action. A pair of Microsoft resellers were forced to pay Microsoft more than $250,000 over copyright infringement after they were caught selling clients unauthorised copies of Windows 7. This isn’t just bad news for the resellers in question; it also raises a serious concern for businesses that use these types of vendors to secure software.

Unless you take steps to validate the software licences your business holds, you could very well be using illegal software without even realising it. More than just leaving you open to fines, illegal software can also compromise your business’ security, and put customer information at risk.

Don’t make the same mistake those companies made.

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