In a world dominated by mobile devices security is more important than ever. If you don’t think that your mobile is worth securing try this little experiment. Next time you are with a group of people, unlock your phone and give it to someone. Nearly everyone will be hesitant to do this because much of the information on their device is private.


If you are not prepared to make your phone publicly available then there is no doubt it needs to be secured. The question is how are you doing this? Hopefully, at the very least you have a pin number or some sort of security to lock the device automatically. Hopefully, the pin access code is not something as simple as 0000! Pin security is not enough protection these days.

The next step you should be taking is to ensure that the information on the device is encrypted. This prevents others accessing what is stored on the memory of the phone. All modern mobiles support the ability to have their entire information encrypted but typically only Apple devices have this encryption turned on.

Finally, it should have some sort of security software installed that can perform a backup of critical information as well as scan for issues or suspect apps. Many of these software applications can also report the devices current location as well as suspicious activity. Most importantly, security software allows you to wipe all the information from the device should it be lost or stolen.

Your phone contains far more important information than you believe. It should therefore enjoy the same level of protection you provide other information repositories. The security of your device is your responsibility and there is no better time than now to actually making it secure.