Personal fitness


Technology can help you keep fit. Devices like Fitbit can be used to automatically track your activity throughout the day. You simply strap them onto your wrist or clothes and allow it to track how much activity you perform. You can sync these records automatically to a central FitBit website via your phone or a wifi connector plugged into your computer.

Using the central web site you can set personal goals and keep track of your history which you can view via a dashboard. There is also a social aspect to many of these applications that allows you to join together with family and friends to compete and achieve goals.

You will probably see more and more people wearing these monitoring devices and you are also likely to see the sophistication of these devices increase. At the moment they can only typically monitor your daily travel and sleep, however going forward they will also be able to monitor other vital signs such as hear rate and blood pressure.

Having technology assist you with your fitness goals can make achieving these much easier and much more fun. It also allows you to starting going much deeper into tracking your health by even recording the foods that you eat. Some apps even allow you to scan the barcode from the ingredients you use and record the calories you consume versus what your burn through activity. That certainly makes life a lot easier if you are watching your weight.

Personal fitness devices are a cheap and easy way to monitor both your activity and sleep. Simply having insight into these can significantly help you understand how to lead and improved lifestyle. Technology to the rescue again.