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Since about November 2012, in addition to playing AFL and running I have been stepping up my interest in cycling, with the added benefit of losing 13 kilos along the way! When the summer months were in full swing there were many opportunities to participate in cycling events and especially fundraising rides. Fundraising is something that I have always been keen on doing, having run the City to Surf raising funds for Father Riley’s ‘Youth Off The Streets’ twice.


In October of last year I participated in two fundraisers, “Kids with Cancer” and the “Sydney to Gong” ride for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The first event was to set a goal of how many Km’s you want to ride during the month of October and raise funds through sponsorship whilst trying to achieve it. I had set a goal of 500Km, by the 5th I had ridden 273Km and was looking good until a small injury requiring surgery stopped me in my tracks. However, with only 7 possible riding days I was able to complete 403Km! The legendary Sydney to Gong ride (only 90Km),  is a little more close to my heart as one of my sisters was diagnosed with the dreadful disease a few years back. Quite ironic because when I was 13 (way too many years ago!) I participated in the MS-Read-a-Thon winning a t-shirt for my efforts!


I ride nearly every Tuesday and Thursday night covering around 60Km, and most weekends riding in excess of 100Km each day. Recently I travelled to Victoria to ride in the Scody High Country Challenge, where I covered 100km with a bit of a climb up Mt Buller of 1100m in 15Km! Beautiful scenery and cool, foggy weather greeted me on the climb. I had to limit my speed to 55Km/h on the descent, as the ambient temperature was 9 degrees but with the wind chill factor, it was getting close to –2 degrees!

In a little over 12 months I have managed to ride over 5,000Km, all with the ultimate aim of riding in the Tour de Cure in 2015.

Tour de Cure