This post is courtesy of Correct Field Technician Derek Tse

Here’s a question for you –

How do you remember your passwords to the websites you use?

I have seen many professionals who have their passwords stuck on their monitors with post-it notes. Not really a great way to save your online shopping details or even worse, your online banking details!

It is time to change this habit and get your passwords organised in a secure manner.

Password managers are invaluable tools, and here is a list of what they can do:

  • Keep a record of all your online accounts
  • Fill in online forms
  • Check the strength of your passwords
  • Generate new secure passwords which consists of random assortment of numbers, letters and symbols
  • Check if any of your accounts need their passwords changed due to known security breaches

With this in mind, I recommend using LastPass to “Simplify Your Life”.

LastPass has been in the password security business since 2008. The best thing about them is their platform that manages your online accounts in an organised structure. They secure your password is in 3 ways…

  • Using cutting-edge encryption technology, your data is encrypted multiple times
  • Only decrypting your information on your local device, any update are encrypted before it is sent to their servers
  • Adding multi-factor authentication, this will boost your account security significantly

To get started, all you need to do is…

  • Download the software from
  • Create a new account and start accessing your online accounts
  • LastPass will prompt you to save your accounts details

Once you save your account details and are happy with how it is organised, a feature I would suggest using regularly is the Security Challenge. Security Challenge checks all your accounts to ensure that they are secure and recommend any changes due to weak password or recent vulnerability on any websites. It is great way to know if your accounts are safe and is a good way to increase your security.


LastPass is a great password manager tool to store and manage all your online login details and to fill in online forms. It helps you to remember all your passwords with just 1 strong password and maintain a secure password habit for all your accounts.

So what do you reckon is easier to remember – multiple passwords or a single strong password (or pass phrase)?

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