The key to a successful business are the partnerships you make. Correct Solutions has always understood this, and we work hard to develop these partnerships with all our customers and vendors.

As your trusted technology provider we know how important it is for us to ensure we develop the right relationships within the variety of technology providers out there. This allows us to give you access to the best products on the market.

Many of our vendors, such as Microsoft, require us to complete certain training and certifications in order to get access to higher levels of support with their organisation. Correct has always sought to achieve the highest level possible and this is reflected in our current gold partner level with Microsoft.

It is always important to remember that Correct Solutions continues to invest in its relationships with suppliers for all our staff. This knowledge and experience is directly translated to the way we are able to deliver solutions to our customers.

Of course change is a major part of our technology industry and you can rely on us to keep up with everything that is going on in the industry and provide you the best solutions for your business.

We are proud of the partnerships we have formed and this is why we promote them on our web site. Both our customer and vendors partnerships are key to the success of Correct Solutions and this is why we will continue to work hard to develop them.