Office 365 Enterprise plans (E1, E3 and E5) now include something called Microsoft StaffHub that allows you to roster your employees. It allows you to create a schedule and share that with people in your organisation. The real power is when they pull up their details using the mobile app that is available on all platforms. They can now easily view and swap shifts if they need to, all via their mobile device.

Staffhub is also a place where employees can share information, such as documents and spreadsheets. This makes it a great option for a business to push out standard documents like employee handbooks and the like. The great thing about Staffhub is that it is part of the Office 365 ecosystem allowing it to take advantage of all the other offerings available in the Office 365 suite such as email, calendars, chat and more.

Staffhub currently has a limited seat of features when compared to long-standing competitors but more features and enhancements have been promised. The real power of Staffhub is when you start combining it with other services that are part of Office 365. Remember, Staffhub is designed to be part of the suite of services provided by Office 365 not simply utilised as a standalone application.

If you have an enterprise Office 365 suite you can get started with Staffhub today as it is totally free and already part of your license. Just visit and sign in with your Office 365 credentials to get started. For more information about getting started with Microsoft Staffhub visit: