Many people fail to use email for what it is designed for – that is as a business tool to facilitate improved communications. All too often email becomes an engrossing monster that steals time away from what really needs to be done every day. The mere act of dealing with emails takes away from the tasks that those emails are requesting.

The reason for this failure typically lies with the way that individuals work with their email. Although email readers, like Outlook, are packed with sophisticated features to allow people to better manage the flow of information, few if any take advantage of these.

Options that email provides, such as disclaimers and signatures, should be investigated and utilised fully. Another handy feature that most users fail to take advantage of is archiving, as large inboxes become very cumbersome to work with.

One of the most overlooked features is to implement email rules to automatically route inbound emails to locations other than the main inbox. This is especially handy for regular, non-urgent items such a newsletters. Implementing emails rules is the smart way to let programs like Outlook control what appears in your inbox and allows you to remain focused.

Given how important emails are to a business, we regularly see clients not having a mechanism or process for dealing with inboxes when employees leave the organisation. In many cases these contain valuable information that the business needs to continue to use, but struggles to make it available to those who need it.

Whatever your email challenges Correct Solutions can assist. Whether it is the implementation of systems like spam and malware filtering to end user training on how to be more effective with email, we are able to help. All you need to do is contact us to discuss your needs and let us know how we can help.