Correct Solutions has made the transition to SharePoint 2013 for our own intranet. This version of SharePoint is hosted on servers in our data centres to give us the full integration features that we require with our phone system and Lync.

Although Correct has a number of internal systems, most perform very specific functions, but nothing handles the range of information management and collaboration that SharePoint does. Without doubt its most powerful feature is the ability to not only search SharePoint but every file on our servers and make that available for query to all staff members.

Search is the ‘killer app’ of our information society. How do you find information? Chances are you use an internet search engine, but, what do you do when it comes to finding information inside your business? Do you vainly trawl through folder after folder in the hope that it is where you think it is?

Most information workers waste over an hour a day looking for the information they need to get their job done. That is 5 hours a week, which is almost a full work day! Imagine what that adds up to over the course of a year and over every employee. It is like giving everyone an extra holiday!

Having the ability to locate the information you need just about everywhere it is, is just one of the power benefits SharePoint brings to your business. If you throw in automation, document management, and now full blown enterprise social collaboration, SharePoint should be the hub of how your business works with information. Best of all it integrates with your existing desktop applications seamlessly.

If you want more information about what SharePoint is all about, ask any of our helpful staff how they interact with it, and the benefits it provides in facilitating an improved way of working and servicing you better. Of course if you want a more in-depth demonstration don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange this, we’d be more than happy to show how SharePoint can help your business.