Google has recently announced significant discounts for its online storage products. One such example is a reduction in the price of 1TB of space from $50 per month to $ 10 per month. These reductions were soon matched by other large providers such as Microsoft and Amazon.

It is clear that the price of online storage will continue to tumble as well as the available capacities continuing to grow exponentially. Most people are probably already using cloud storage for their personal pictures and files but maybe concerned about putting sensitive business information on shared equipment. What we are also seeing is the growth of third party encryption software.

Such software can automatically encrypt information on the fly at the desktop and then save the result directly to the cloud. This can then be retrieved by others in the business and decrypted seamlessly, providing an end to end encryption solution that takes advantage of the declining prices of cloud storage.

If for nothing else, cloud storage is a great option for backups, especially for your own personal files. Having your pictures and personal documents stored in something like OneDrive means they are available on any device and anywhere you have access to the Internet. Many also allow you to take those files offline and then synchronize the changes back to the central storage.

if you haven’t looked at something like OneDrive for you own home data then you really should because it is free and integrates extremely well with Windows 8 products. For all your business cloud storage needs, including encryption, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Correct.