Online storage continue to grow


Microsoft has recently announced that it is increasing its online storage for all users of OneDrive for Business from 25GB to 1TB. That is a 40 fold increase! You can read the details here:

Thinking outside the box

OneDrive for Business is a standard component of most Office 365 subscriptions and is designed as a location for people to store files they are personally working on. In many ways you can think of it as the old user ‘home’ drive on systems like Small Business Server.

OneDrive for Business allows you to easily share files with people inside and outside your business while controlling access to these. It therefore makes a much better option for collaboration than merely sending attachments. When you elect to share the file with someone you can simply send them a link to that file so it always remains in the one location.

It is clear that the growth in included storage is only going to continue across all cloud providers. The reality for most people is that they will struggle to go anywhere near the limits provided. To that effect it is therefore being made available more by providers as a marketing tool, however it is still very impressive in what is being included now with many plans.

If you just look at Office 365 you get a 50GB mailbox by default (with no limit on how much it can be scaled to), you get 1TB for every OneDrive for Business user. SharePoint Team sites start at 10GB (and again can be scaled infinitely) and you also get 5TB of public folder storage with Office 365. All of that for a small monthly fee. Whichever way you look at it, you are getting a lot for a small monthly investment.

The biggest challenge with the growth in web storage is getting the information to and from storage. This means that bandwidth is so important going forward, no matter where you elect to store your information. That is why we recommend you review your broadband requirements regularly because new plans and offerings are always becoming available. Please contact us if you want to review you broadband connection or you want more information about Office 365.