Onetastic for OneNote

OneNote really has to be one of the most handy pieces of software there is out there these days. There isn’t much that it can’t do but for the few things that it can’t, have a look at this great add in called Onetastic.

It is free to download and incorporates the ability to view your OneNote changes by date as well as include the ability to incorporate macros into OneNote to take care of those repetitive tasks.

Don’t forget that OneNote comes standard with all current versions of Microsoft Office so you may in fact have it already! In essence, OneNote is a digital notebook where you can store all sorts of information and sync it across all your devices. This, for example, allows you to create a shopping list at your desktop and then review it on your phone when you are actually at the shop.

OneNote also incorporates a handy clipping service that allows you to not only capture content directly from the web but also remembers from where it was captured. Most importantly, all the information that you place inside OneNote is indexed automatically allowing you to search across all your notebooks to find exactly the information that you are after.

OneNote is a great option for teams as well as individuals. Imagine a team of people attending a meeting and all taking notes in the same location in OneNote. As people enter their updates, updates from other members automatically appear. Even after the meeting is finished these notes can be updated and shared with others not in attendance directly on their mobile device no matter where they are.

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