Microsoft has just announced the availability of OneNote for free on all platforms, including the Mac. It has also announced a number of recent product improvements that are well worth looking at.

Firstly, the free version of OneNote allows you to connect notebooks to OneDrive cloud storage, however it will not allow you to connect to something like SharePoint and Office 365. For this you will need the full OneNote version that comes with Office. It is expected that Microsoft will shortly release a new version of Office for the Mac to cover these scenarios.

There is now an email service ( that allows you to email notes directly to a OneDrive notebook which can then sync to OneNote on a device. Microsoft has also opened up the programming interface for OneNote to allow it to interface with many third party products. One of these is the web automation site If This Then That (, allowing you to create a ‘recipe’ that will automatically send information to your OneDrive notebook.

OneNote is a really great tool that is now available to everyone for free. If you haven’t as yet had a look at OneNote then we reckon you’ll be pleasantly at what it can do and how much more productive it can make you. Even though OneNote is free it has been available with Office on Windows desktops since 2010 so chances are you already have it installed but haven’t had a look. If you haven’t, fire it up and see what is possible and visit for more information on the product.