Microsoft has again demonstrated its commitment to releasing its most popular software on the most popular platforms by announcing the general availability of Office for Android tablets.

You can read more about the announcement here:

You’ll need to aware that these new apps are for tablet rather than phone devices. To get a quick overview of all the features check out this short video:

You can download the apps for free and start using them with a free Microsoft account. You can unlock the premium version of the apps by connecting them to an Office 365 subscription.

There is no doubt that Microsoft has put a lot of effort into making Office on touch devices a very smooth experience for users. Theses apps are extremely well designed and crafted for the mobile platform. They also provide a very consistent experience across all the mobile platforms.

If you are an Android tablet user who needs access to Office applications on the move then these new apps from Microsoft are the solution. They give you the same seamless Office experience you’re used to but on you Android tablet platform.