One of the major inclusions for the next version of Office programs (Office 2013) will be an App store.  This will firstly allow users to purchase, download and install addons for their application, whether that be Word, Excel or even SharePoint directly from the application.  It will also allow developers to create “applications”, including things as simple as templates, and sell them via the Office 2013 store.

Visit the Office App store to have a sneak peak; many of the apps that are already in the store are free but they will need Office 2013 installed before they can be downloaded.

A good example of the direction that these apps are taking is the Linkedin app that plugs into Outlook.  This app will allow you to see all the Linkedin information for a user directly from their email. You can then choose whether to connect with them directly in Outlook rather than having to go via the Linkedin web site.

Given the popularity of apps across all platforms it seems logical for apps to be included in Office.  It should also open up opportunities for developers to more easily reach their audience and potentially make money from their product.  It certainly indicates that Microsoft is keen to inject new ideas into its Office range of products.

For more information on the next version of Office, visit the Microsoft Office Customer Preview website.  If you have any questions or want to know more, please contact us today!