Office 365 has released a new video portal service that allows you to create your own private company ‘YouTube’. The service allows you to upload and categorise videos that can then be streamed efficiently to viewers.

Video is proving to be a very efficient way to quickly and easily convey information. There are many situations where a video portal could be used effectively within a business. The main one that initially springs to mind is for on boarding new employees.

Creating a video training series that shows new employees how to get started with the basics in your business. This saves the business by not having to divert resources to serve new employee request. It also reduces the amount of frustration experienced by new employees by allowing them to more easily locate the information they need.

For most businesses it is far easier to create a number of short videos rather than reams and reams of documentation. These days you only need something like a smart phone to create suitable video. Once uploaded to Office 365 video portal the actual files are stored in Microsoft Azure and pushed out to viewers using the Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN).

If you are an existing Office 365 user with an enterprise plan you should already have access to the video portal which should be visible via the Office 365 portal. Unfortunately, the Office 365 Business plans do not include the new video portal but it is now easier than ever to upgrade to an Office 365 license that includes the portal.

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