You may not be aware that Office 365 provides for an unlimited number of shared mailboxes. What is a shared mailbox you may well ask? A shared mailbox is basically a mailbox with limited resources, such as size, that can be created and attached to by any user with a full mailbox license.

Shared mailboxes are prefect for general email addresses you may require such as info@, support@ or sales@ and the like. They can be accessed via both Outlook on the desktop as well as the Outlook Web Access via a browser.

The major limitations are that shared mailboxes are currently limited to a 10GB capacity and can’t be accessed as the primary mailbox. This means that you need a full license to attach to them. You also generally can’t access shared mailboxes on a mobile device since they only provide for accessing the primary mailbox.

Shared mailboxes provide your business the flexibility to have as many ‘generic’ mailboxes as desired while assigning full mailboxes to users. This means that when employees leave the business their mailbox can be re-assigned but the address of the shared mailbox remains the same.

If you haven’t already, see whether shared mailboxes may provide you the flexibility that you require and don’t forget to contact us to help with any configurations you may need when it comes to email. We’ll make sure you get the best bang for your buck.