Microsoft has recently announced that it will be opening its existing data centers (that currently host Azure) to also host Office 365. You can read the complete announcement here:

This means that all new Office 365 tenants from the end of March 2015 will automatically be provisioned automatically from the Australia. It is expected that existing Australian tenants will have their data replicated back to Australia over time after that date as well.

Having in country Office 365 data centers is going to overcome issues around data sovereignty and latency that some find challenging. Australia will only be the second region outside the US (Japan was the first) that will have local geo-redundancy (i.e. two data centers in the same country) which also makes the move a very important one in terms of the world wide Office 365 configuration.

This move by Microsoft has made the Office 365 in Australia a far more attractive proposition and it is expected that many more local businesses will be taking advantage of services that Office 365 has to offer, whether that be just email or through to the full suite of products.

The roll out of Office 365 features continues at a rapid pace with a slew of major updates likely to place early in the New Year, so stay posted here for all the details as they come to hand. Of course, remember that if you any questions about Office 365 or how to get the most from an existing tenant, please contact us here at Correct Solutions on (02) 8831 8200.

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