The pace of change in Office 365 continues unabated. One of the most recent updates has been the addition of an App Launcher as shown above.

You can access the App Launcher by selecting the grid of squares in the top left corner of the screen. Once the App Launcher is visible you can navigate to any application by simply clicking on the tile. To return to the Office 365 home page all you need to do is click the words “Office 365” in the top left.

Microsoft is also saying that it will allow developers to extend the App Launcher to include customisations. At this point in time the ability to customise the App Launcher is quite limited but that is expected to change as time goes along.

The implementation of the App Launcher confirms Microsoft’s focus on the tiled interface which is optimised for touch devices. It is also an indication that it is doing its best to simplify the interface for the average user and remove much of the clutter.

You’ll also start seeing the App Launcher concept on many of Microsoft’s other properties such as the consumer version of OneDrive.

Behind all these changes is the drive by Microsoft to promote the browser as a suitable interface for Office 365. This is to counter arguments from Google whose products are typically all web based. In many ways, the Microsoft web properties like Office 365 are far more appealing than their competition and if you haven’t used them in a browser you should take a look at what improvements that these changes do bring.

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