Office 2016 Preview for PCs

Microsoft has recently announced the availability of Office 2016 Preview for PCs. As with all preview software, this is a version that is designed for testing and should not be used in production.

Office 2016 for PCs comes hard on the heels of the Office 2016 preview for Mac, indicating that the streams and beginning to align, which is going to make for a much more consistent experience for users. There don’t appear to be a significant amount of change to Office from what we are used to with the current 2013 version.

As you can see from the above screen shot, the only noticeable change is the Ribbon Menu across the top of the window. There are clearly more improvements in the bowels of the product but from first glance it seems like pretty much business as usual. In some respects the desktop version is beginning to look like the online version that is part of Office 365.

Microsoft is aiming to release the complete product by the middle of year in line with the release of Office for Mac and Windows 10. Current Office 365 subscribers who have Office desktop applications as part of their upgrade will be able to upgrade for free as soon as the product reaches completion.

Even though there doesn’t look like much change there is probably a lot happening behind the scenes. It is also important to remember that this is still beta software and is far from complete. The preview is open to anyone but the software should not be installed in production.

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