No major Apple surprises

As expected at its recent event, Apple announced two new iPhones, the 6 and 6 Plus along with a watch (just called Watch). A more significant announcement was probably the new Apple Pay system of using an iPhone as a credit card replacement.

Moving with current trends, the new iPhones will be much larger than existing models with the iPhone 6 being significantly larger at 5.5 inches. The new iPhones will come in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB storage capacity. Australia will be one of the first markets in which the new iPhones become available.

The new watch from Apple simply called Watch is a wearable device that allows you to track things like fitness and appointments. Apple has used the concept of the traditional crown as a nifty method of navigation. Using these solves one of the major limitations current smart watches have. However, rumours indicate that the battery life of the new Watch is poor, however improvements are expected over time.

The announcement that is likely to have the greatest impact is the new Apple Pay system. With Apple entering the market it has pole vaulted the whole payment technology forward. Other phone have had similar capabilities but it takes someone like Apple to give the market legitimacy. The way that Apple has implemented the new payment techniques appears to be far more secure that what is currently in place with traditional credit cards.

For most people, having their credit card stored in the phone and being able to make and track payments via such devices is very convenient. With the large suppliers that Apple has brought on board it should open the market to more players and competition which is great for consumers.

So even though most of the Apple announcements were expected there was enough to provide a few surprises and keep the faithful happy. Apple has also bent to market demand and moved towards the trend of larger phone and luckily Australia will be one of the first countries to see these new devices.