One of the most critical and common components on any device these days is the browser that allows you access to the amazing world that is the World Wide Web. Microsoft’s browser, Internet Explorer or IE for short, has had its share of up and downs over the years, being mainly remembered for the variety of security vulnerabilities that permitted exploits.

The other issue is that given the extensive install base of Windows PCs many non-technical users continue to run IE and continue to run very out dated and vulnerable versions. We have seen how hard it is for Microsoft to shift the large base of users who are comfortable on Windows XP to something more up to date.

With its current ‘re-branding’ of Windows to version 10 Microsoft has also announced the upcoming release of a new browser currently known as Spartan. Spartan is not designed as a replacement for IE, basically a much simplified version aimed mainly at consumers.

To read more about this new browser that will ship with Windows 10 see:

In some ways you can think of Spartan like Chrome when it initially was released. It is designed to be great at things that most consumers do on the web such as browsing and consuming content while remaining fast and light. It will also support third party plug in architecture like many competing browsers currently do.

We are yet to gain access to Spartan, even on the Windows 10 preview, but it is expected to become available soon. It is again important to remember that Spartan is not a replacement for IE is a consumer focused addition but it certainly looks like something that most people will want to use.

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