Initially, Microsoft released the Surface RT device in what many people saw as an attempt to compete in the tablet market against the iPad and the growing tide of Android devices. Recently Microsoft has taken a $900 million hit on its revenues to write down the costs of these devices. That may not bode well for the RT device.


However, Microsoft has also made available a Windows Surface Pro device which is much more like a traditional laptop. The main difference between the RT and Pro devices is that the Pro device can run standard Windows applications whereas the RT device can only run applications purchased from the Windows store.

I have been toting around a Microsoft Surface Pro device for a few weeks now and thought I’d give people some feedback on what I’ve found.

Firstly, if you are thinking about this device for yourself I’d recommend you actually go along to a store and have a look. It is much small that you first think. You also need to make sure that the screen isn’t too small. Another thing to note is that all Surface devices don’t come with a keyboard, it is an optional extra which you’ll need to get in my opinion. There are two types of keyboards a touch (which is just a membrane) and a type (which is more like a traditional keyboard). I opted for the type keyboard as I need feedback from the keys when I type.

Now the Surface Pro isn’t going to be as powerful as normal desktop but you know in these days of mobility I am finding less and less need for power with a travelling device so that I have not found to be a real issue. What I really love about the Surface Pro is firstly its size and secondly the fact that it has instant on. Connected to a full size keyboard and screen it can function as well as normal desktop in my experience but also has the great ability to be picked up and taken with you on the move.

I would suggest that you look at the Surface Pro as a ‘hybrid’ device that is both a laptop and a tablet. It is however more a laptop than a tablet but this is fine for most people who need that dual functionality. My biggest piece of advice before you go out and buy one is to actually pay a visit to the store and see one in action. See what the screen is like, feel how the keyboard responses because it is probably a very difference device to what you have previously experienced or read about!