You be aware that Correct has a number of Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs) on staff. They are part of a worldwide community of IT Professionals that has been recognized by Microsoft for both their technical expertise and their contributions to the community.


As part of this ongoing going commitment to share their knowledge Microsoft is running a MVP Community Camp that culminates on Saturday the 22nd of March with in person presentations in the Microsoft offices in every Australia capital city.

You can find out more about the Sydney event and register using this link:

Microsoft MVP ComCamp 2014 – Sydney

if you are a technology professional you’ll receive great benefit in coming along. There is no cost to attend these sessions and all catering is also provided for during the day. You’ll also receive some deep dive technical information on a broad range of Microsoft products and technologies. Probably most importantly you’ll have the opportunity to network with other IT Professionals and benefit from their knowledge.

There isn’t a lot of time before the events happen so if you are interested you need to sign up quickly to reserve your place at this unique event. Remember, if you are not in Sydney there are events in every capital city in Australia.