It would be hard today to find someone without a dependency on their mobile. The problem is that, while most are highly dependent on these devices, they take few steps to backup their devices or keep them secure. This is even more imperative for a business because many of these mobile devices provide a gateway to corporate data.

Mobiles are very easy devices to lose or have stolen. This makes it even more imperative to ensure these devices are made as secure as possible because new Australian privacy laws mandate much stricter requirements about enforcing the security of customer’s private information.

One free application that is worth considering is Lookout.


Lookout provides the ability to backup your settings as well as protecting the device against malware.

Another new free application is available from Secunia for protecting Android devices.


This software will run regular scans on all your installed applications to ensure that none are malicious and are all up to date.

If you have your devices connected to an Exchange server, whether via Office 365 or on site, you have the option to configure policies around the the security of these devices as well as providing the ability to remotely wipe them if necessary.

When looking at the security of your network, don’t overlook the security of devices that travel outside your organization. If they can access corporate information they need to be protected.