Microsoft has recently announced that it will be adding a new product called Sway, as part of its Office suite. But what is Sway?

It would seem that Sway is aimed at providing the ability for users to create very simple yet engaging presentations. For many users, existing Office applications such as Publisher and PowerPoint are simply overkill for what they need. Sway provides a simple way to pull everything together and produce outstanding results.

Unsurprisingly, Sways are also extremely easy to share. A great example of this is the following Sway:

Another great application for Sway will be for creating school projects which is one of the themes of the Sway video that Microsoft is touting here:

There certainly seems to be a need for a simplified tool to bring together all sorts of material quickly and easily. Sway is such a tool.

Unfortunately at the moment Sway isn’t generally available, but you can request an invite to trial the product here:

If you have a need to do lots of presentation style material then Sway is worth a look.