Correct Reviews Microsoft Sculpt

Microsoft Sculpt Desktop

Author: Derek Tse – Correct Field Technician – 

Prior to the Surface, Microsoft was not traditionally a brand that you would have considered for your next hardware purchase. With Surface devices doing particualarly well Microsoft has now turned its attention to showing users what a good computer setup should be, starting with the humble keyboard and mouse.

I have been using the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop for a while now and it has quickly become my daily keyboard and mouse setup for both my Mac and Windows systems.

The Keyboard

The first thing that you notice is the design, it was created to look like a manta ray. With this, it gives a natural contour and feel for your hand to move around the keyboard.

The split keyboard shape assists with keeping your hand and arm in an ergonomic posture thereby reducing the strain from writing all those long emails or blogs we are all so fond of!

The keys themselves are a chiclet key with scissor switches, very similar to laptop keys but are extremely quiet. One of the features I like most is that the pressure required to press the keys is very little and the the keypress itself is short which couples together to result in a very fast typing experience.

The Mouse

For the mouse, Microsoft has designed this so your hand is rotated to the right a few degrees. This helps with reducing strain by giving your hand a more natural position.The one catch, the mouse is only for a right-handed people.

The buttons on the mouse are responsive, well positioned and include both a start button and back key for web browsing. The scroll wheel works well and you are able to move through websites and documents without much difficulty.

My Opinion

As far as I am concerned, Microsoft has done a great job in creating an ergonomic keyboard & mouse which has a beautiful design, aims to reduce any strain while at the same time improves your overall PC experience.


– Ergonomic design

– Separate number pad

– Handy Windows shortcut keys

– Wireless design with just 1 USB port used

– Can be used on both Mac and Windows systems


– Split keyboard can take some time to get used to

– Mouse is glossy and a fingerprint magnet

– Sufficient desk space is required