Microsoft has a new boss


Microsoft has announced that Satya Nadella will take over as CEO immediately from the the retiring Steve Ballmer. Also interestingly, Chairman Bill Gates will step down from his role on the board and become a technology adviser and devote more time to the company.

Nadella has been at Microsoft for over 20 years and most recently headed up the cloud and enterprise  division.  He is considered the ‘safe’ choice by many pundits but is seen as the right choice to drive more innovation at Microsoft which has been criticised of late for slow uptake of major trends such as mobility and cloud computing.

The appointment of a new CEO continues many of the major changes that Microsoft has undergone recently which may take a little while to pay dividends but the signs are positive that these changes are bring about improvements.

For all the negatives it is important to consider that Microsoft has had an incredible stable hand on the tiller during its history. Nadella is only the third person to head the company after Ballmer and founder Gates.

It will be interesting to see what changes Nadella makes and how the focus of Microsoft changes once he gets more up to speed in his new roll. One thing is certain, at no stage should you write Microsoft off as a has been in the computing game. They have a proven track record of being able to marshal large amounts of resources and provide laser focus when it is required.

The overall feeling is that Nadella is a good choice for a business like Microsoft in that he will bring change but keep the business focused on profitability. Welcome to Microsoft 3.0.