Meet the PINC Team

It’s now time to meet the team behind the team, so to speak. These are the guys that keep Correct able to provide the services and solutions the techs design and sales sell!

Damien – uber geek, our System Administrator. He keeps the many technologies we employ at Correct working properly and talking nicely to one another. He is one of the original Correct employees so knows where all the skeletons are; we believe some of them are stashed under his desk along with an old 486 from 1990! Always in demand, he leads a hectic life away from the office too, with 4 kids at home.

Jason – our boy genius and new kid on the block in this department, having moved across from our helpdesk recently. He is one of the project team for “things” that we “host” and “stuff” that helps us all “work”. He built his first computer as a teenager having spent years breaking the electronic stuff around the house so he could try and fix them. His parents must love him very much!

Kevin – the project ninja with fingers in many pies. From building servers to provisioning internet services, he also creates network diagrams, fixes the Wi-Fi, and even manages to read Ryan’s handwriting – just a small sample of his wide skill set. He is currently overseas – again – as travel is his passion.

Robert – SharePoint maestro and the consultant we send out when you need training on all things Microsoft. He likes gaming, cars and won’t eat anything white. Not sure if that has any effect on his considerable knowledge, but he says it makes him feel better!

Tim – master of the universe, part of the projects team and one the escalations techs. Tim is a versatile tech, equally comfortable explaining stuff over the phone, at a customer’s site, or assisting behind the scenes. His family is very important to him and he loves fishing.

Wayne – senior technology specialist, MVP & wannabe Batman (nod to Dean!); not sure which one he is prouder of. Wayne is the founder of Correct and to say this is his passion is probably understating it by giga heaps. He is a Microsoft Very Important Person, is often engaged in pilot projects with their software developers and adds very geeky value to beta testing of their new products. He is lucky to be married to a chef, and so are we (nom, nom, nom)!

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