In our last newsletter we introduced the new fearless leader of the Service Team, Ben Sullivan.

Our Service Team consists of the Helpdesk Team and the Field Tech Team. Today we would like to introduce to you the three helpdesk guys, and our Support Coordinator who you have been working with as your first line of support.

Our Helpdesk team are level 2 technicians, letting you skip that first level, “Is your computer plugged in and turned on?”, basic helpdesk role and get straight to the guys who fix 85% of your day to day problems.Between them have 36 years of IT support experience.

Darren is your Office365 guru and can help with the issues that may arise. Outside the office, Darren is one of those amateur radio guys you might have heard about. Despite this, is a friendly guy ready to help any time.

Trevor leans his skills best to your server and scripting issues. He enjoys the deeper levels of server maintenance and trouble shooting and is also very familiar with the MYOB suite making him a great asset to the team. Trevor has two beautiful boys and enjoys his time outside of work with them and his wife.

Antony is the newest member of our helpdesk team and has been with us almost two years. He has a great understanding of many of your Line of Business Applications.  Outside of work Antony enjoys tinkering with cars and spending time with his young son.

Lauren, our Support Coordinator, was previously part of our team and has re-joined on her return from the UK. Through her travels and temp work she got to see lots of different businesses and how they interact, and from this she came to appreciate fully how unique the family at Correct were. Her main role in the team is to be the first point of contact for clients and to dispatch jobs for the technicians to work.  Feel free to contact her if you need further information or an update on where your issue is at.

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