Websites are considered right up there in terms of a business marketing tool. But, if you are not the only company offering the service, how do you make sure customers go to your website before going to your oppositions?

Search Engine Optimisation refers to getting traffic from prospective customers to your website. How this is done is a little bit of rocket science and a little bit of common sense, but unfortunately there are a lot of false promises made. SEO can only be done properly when you employ a reputable and proficient web developer to build your website.

Keywords and other shortcuts are not the magic bullet in getting your website to the top of any random search. Making sure all your content is interesting and useful gives your website a higher ranking because if people find your website provides them the answers they are looking for, it is more likely that they will share that information with their peer group. Interesting and useful is of course subjective, but professional web designers can be pretty good at finding words and phrases that the greater world out there may use when searching for your particular service or product.

The truth is that only one website can be displayed first, and sometimes whatever strategies you employ won’t get you there, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

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Is it Worth the Hype

written by Debi Goodway – Sales Coordinator


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