Massive Adobe breech


If you have an Adobe online account then you should immediately go and change your password. If you have an Adobe account with which you used your credit card to make a purchase then it may well be time to change your credit card. Sophos is reporting that over 38 million (yes million) records are now available for download from the Internet.

Worst of all it isn’t just user names and passwords but also password hint questions that have been revealed. When you analyse these hints you see how poorly most people treat online security. Sophos has a great article about the issues at:

It again illustrates how important and susceptible poor passwords are to compromise. Have a think about your own situation, do you reuse the same password? How difficult is your password to guess?

With so many systems password good password management is a pain in the butt, however there are tools like Lastpass that take much of that pain away.

Even within your own business, what policy do you have around passwords? Do your employees know how important passwords are? What steps have you taken to ensure that you data is protected from potential breeches? Even though you may not consider the Adobe breech to have an impact on your business there is a good chance it does because:

1. Chances are an employee is using the same password on your system as they use elsewhere.

2. If that system is ever breeched then the bad guys have a password they can try.

3. If your systems are connected to the Internet it is only a matter of time before they come knocking.

Bottom line is that everyone, suppliers and users, need to take technology far more seriously than they are presently.