Lunatik Touch Pen–Alloy

This post is courtesy of Correct Field Technician Derek Tse

Next on the list of styluses is the Lunatik Touch Pen, alloy version. There is a glossy polymer version but if you’re like me and put my tech through my Bear Grylls travel style, it is better to stick with metal.

If you haven’t heard of Lunatik, head on over to  for their range of amazing products.


The difference in this 2-in-1 stylus design is that usually the stylus would have one end as the pen and the other end as the nib, but this is not so with the Touch Pen. LunaTik has integrated the pen and the nib for a dual-mode tip giving a well-engineered pen an easy transition from pen to stylus with a press of the clicker. It is easy to replace the ink cartridge – just remember to save the spring.

The stylus itself is longer that an average pen, made from aircraft-grade aluminium with a moulded graphite clip. This will survive knocks and bumps of everyday usage without any problems. The clicking mechanism action is smooth and quick for easy back and forth pen to stylus with the only gripe being the sound of scraping metal as you switch between the two. The silicone rubber grip is firm but smooth, which feels comfortable to hold for long periods of time without fatigue.


Writing is a great feeling on both pen and stylus mode thanks to the gel ink and the firmer nib. The firmer nib make a considerable difference in response and feel when writing or drawing on tablets.

In summary

LUNATIK Touch Pen was born from a desire to integrate the pen with a digital stylus. Designed to meet our demanding specifications for touch screen responsiveness and flow, our patent pending dual-mode tip and custom engineered premium materials allow for a seamless transition from analog to digital with the click of a button.

Last review coming soon on the STM Tracer Stylus.