Lost devices


What happens when your lose you mobile or tablet? It is certainly an inconvenience but have you ever stopped to consider firstly what maybe on that device and secondly what services that device maybe able to connect to?

If you have any device that doesn’t at least have a pin code protecting it then you need to enable that on all those devices immediately, even ebook readers if you have them. If you have employees who access your information on their own devices outside your offices then you need to make sure they keep these devices secure. Remember, one compromised device can potentially give someone access to your whole system remotely.

The other option is to control these device through an central management service. This is certainly something that Correct Solutions is currently testing and developing with the aim of rolling out to clients in 2014. It will provide a way for a business to not only control who has access to these devices but potentially remotely wipe them if required.

Technology is never the whole solution to these sorts of problems, it starts will good policies that your employees understand and follow. You need to impress on them how important your information is and how you do want to make it convenient for them to access information but still be kept secure.

Most devices have inbuilt tracking software or apps that can added to the device for free. As a matter of course, if you have employees accessing your data on these devices then these features should be enabled as a matter of course.

Remember, most devices these days are as powerful as desktops used to be. They have vast amounts of storage and are generally not well protected from intrusion. All this combined with an ability to be easily stolen makes it more important than ever that every business be aware of the issues that arise when you allow people to access your business data on such devices.