There is a school of thought that says that modern technology is actually making us less productive. When I see the way some people work I would tend to agree with such an assessment.

The issue is that many people don’t realize is that many programs support keyboard shortcuts designed to make things so much quicker. This is especially true if you are typing on a keyboard because using a shortcut generally means that you don’t need to take your hands off the keyboard to continue working.

There is keyboard shortcut for just about everything you can do with a computer these days, but how do you remember them all? There is no easy answer to that but probably the easiest way is to start with just a few. The best ones to get started with are the keyboard shortcuts for Windows which you will find here:

If you want to explore the full range of keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft products then visit this page for links to just about every product Microsoft makes:

If you are an Apple Mac user then you’ll find a list of appropriate keyboard shortcuts here:

For any other product simple to a search and you’ll find a list pretty quick.

Now, as for remembering all these keystrokes, a good option maybe to download a list of keyboard shortcuts and use that as your desktop wallpaper. Again, to find a graphic with the right keystrokes simply search for it on the Internet, download and use as your wallpaper. That way, when you need a shortcut it will be right in front of your eyes and in no time you’ll no longer need the wallpaper.

So, if you want to be more productive when using technology have a look at what keyboard shortcuts can do to save you time.