Keeping Your Data Secure When Switching Devices

On quite a regular basis we upgrade or replace our devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, but up until recently not much attention was paid to sensitive data left on these devices by users.

Electronics have short life spans, and often, when we are ready to move on to a newer, faster device we give away or sell our old ones. This is fine, but before doing so, it is crucial to permanently erase any and all of your data from it. Studies show that up to 60% of all second hand devices are sold without the original owner scrubbing the data that is on it. Many people have no concept of just how serious a security risk this could be. With the help of simple recovery tools, sensitive files containing banking details and passwords and more can be retrieved in minutes.

To prevent sending your sensitive data off with your old devices it may be a smart idea to consult specialised removal programs that have the ability to securely wipe any information that could be compromising from your tablet, smartphone, hard drive and laptop.

Now that users are aware of the risks, there is no need to panic, because in order to accommodate most of the average user’s needs, current smartphones are already equipped with built-in tools that will securely erase the data on your phone.

All devices have built-in options to safely remove data, however, the process differs depending on the operating system. If you are unsure about how to reset your device to factory settings or remove data safely, please contact Correct Solutions at 02 8831 8200 or send an email to

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