30 people braved the morning rain to join us for our July CorrectED breakfast on Wednesday 20th July. We may have stepped in a few rainy puddles on our way, but the hot breakfast and coffee certainly warmed us up.  The atmosphere at the Microsoft office was bright and bubbly as we served up talks on business, technology and a bit of randomness.

Let’s give you a taste of what our key speakers dished up.

Simon Havas : Positioning Your Business For Sale, But Not Selling

Simon Havas, the Financial Planning Director at Rhodes Docherty believes that“Having poor technology is a bit like discount laser eye surgery from a scoopon. Cheaper is not always better. In this day and age, technology is at the heart of business growth and is absolutely crucial for success.”

Simon’s talk touched on a few key areas to focus on to improve the value in your business. The Rhodes Docherty viewpoint is that if you are constantly reviewing your business with its sale in mind you have a far better chance of maximising its value even if you are not selling.

You should focus on business technology, processes, people, revenue and the importance of articulating your company culture and understanding the personality types of new hires. Does your business need Steady and Conscientious people or Dominant people? Maybe you need a balance of personalities. Either way, it’s about finding a way to factor this into your recruitment process.

Wayne Small – Isn’t The Cloud Another Fancy Marketing Term?

Our next speaker was our very own Technology Specialist, Wayne Small who took some of the fluff out of ‘the cloud’. He busted some common myths about the cloud and helped to clarify the differences between public, private and hybrid cloud.

The most important take-away from Wayne’s talk was that as a business you shouldn’t move to the cloud simply because it’s the current trend, you need to assess whether the cloud is right for your business needs.

Look into things like:

  • Your overall financial situation
  • Your internet speed
  • Your current systems and their requirements
  • Whether the cloud would result in greater efficiency for you.

Once you’ve asked the right questions and consulted with a cloud specialist, you’ll be a little closer to finding your silver lining.

Rhodes Docherty

Sweet & Rajika, Simon and Simon

Corrected - Tom and Aaron

Daryl, James, Michael, Aaron & Thomas


Thomas Unwin: 3 Secrets to Marketing In A Digital World

To end the morning, we welcomed Thomas Unwin the Director of Mogrify (A Marketing Consultancy Firm). Thomas gave us an entertaining flashback into the changes in marketing historically and how businesses can gain customer confidence in the digital world.

Imagine you are on a holiday overseas and you are walking in the markets. Wouldn’t it be annoying if every shopkeeper pushed their products onto you? Wouldn’t you prefer it if someone asked you what you are looking for and gave you honest advice?

Honest advice creates trust and we all know that trust creates long term relationships with your customers and prospects.

As a business trying to market in this digital age, rather than talking about your own products and services, Thomas suggests that you engage your audience with content that is interesting and relevant to them.   If you can provide solutions to people based on their needs, you’re onto a good start.

And remember “If your marketing is for everybody, it’s for nobody” – Joe Puliizzi, CMI

A few laughs were had and lots of new contacts made between people from such diverse business backgrounds – law firms, financial advisors, accountants, marketers, business consultants and retailers.  It truly was a memorable morning and we would once again like to thank all those who helped make it a success in particular the presenters, the attendees and our host partner Microsoft.

We can’t wait till our next CorrectED breakfast which will be held in September. If you are keen to be invited please email us at events@correct.com.au