IT Performance Metrics

activeusersMetrics are very useful when it comes to gaining insights on how your IT Partner is performing.  IT Support companies deploying Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools on their managed clients’ networks should be able to provide them with some sort of reporting facility.

Third party tools are also available that tap into RMM, ticketing systems and PSA software such as ConnectWise to provide an even richer understanding of what’s going on; both in the network environment but also with staff.  For instance, understanding which users within the organisation are most active when it comes to lodging requests for support, or which machines are causing the most issues.

IT companies that are able to communicate these sorts of insights to their clients are capable of having a positive impact on productivity.  The user with the high level of support requests might benefit from additional training; the machine(s) with all the issues might benefit from an upgrade.  Taking action in these instances will lift the productivity of the users in question.

Being able to gauge your IT Partner’s average response and average resolution times will give you a very clear picture on how they are performing and whether they are meeting your expectations.

This works both ways; if your IT Partner is not performing, this gives you a very black and white picture as to where they are missing the mark.  The flip side of this is often your staff may have a perception that they aren’t being responded to quickly enough.  If the IT Partner is meeting agreed SLAs, then the issue is more around expectations and these might need to be managed or reset to improve end user satisfaction.

Having reporting mechanisms in place enables these discussions and hopefully improves the levels of satisfaction for all parties involved.

We are able to provide reporting for our managed clients under the Network Care Program and can also work with them to develop more sophisticated reporting packages depending on their budget and requirements.  For more information, contact us on 02 8831 8200.